Following the government announcement about easing the COVID 19 lockdown, it looks unlikely that the gyms and leisure centres will be able to open before July. Our classes will open as soon as the government allows.

Some instructors are hosting online lessons for students. Please check your school's page on this website for information on this. Also, students who want to remain active during the closure are advised to train at home using video's from GM Nardizzi's. YouTube Channel: donatonardizzi.

What we offer
Quality Instructors
Multiple Locations

For those interested in competing in national and international competitions for England, we offer squad sessions to develop your skills with our official coach. 

With a Grand Master, 2 Masters and a myriad of black belts we offer a fully-qualified team to provide you with an excellent service.


At TKD Impact we host a series of small competitions to get students used to the pressure, as well as large-scale competitions with medals and trophies. We also help subsidise competitors travelling to international competitions.

We offer a multitude of locations to which you can choose to train in, giving you ease of travel to your nearest location.

Squad Sessions

As a collective family, we provide an active community for students to spar and compete against through competitions and squad sessions; giving practice for major tournaments.

Kids Program

Our Kids Program designed by the founder of TKD Impact, Grand Master Nardizzi, is used globally by the ITF. It teaches children all the necessary functions needed to develop into independent and responsible adults.

Choose from one of our 20+ schools to train in located across South England


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