About Us

Taekwon-Do Competition Front Punch
Impact Open Black Belt Patterns

Who We Are

Taekwon-Do Impact was founded by Grand Master Donato Nardizzi in 1996. We are a non-profit ITF Taekwon-Do association that helps clubs that are part of our system by running competitions, courses, gradings and centralising administration. We provide expert tuition through our instructors having a Grand Master (9th Degree) and two Masters (8th Degrees) with multiple other high ranking members.

What we do for our students

Being a part of Impact provides multiple benefits for both students and instructors. Not all instructors have the time or money to host competitions, gradings and courses on a regular basis. Therefore, Impact provides students the ability to grade and compete more frequently and improve their Taekwon-Do skills through our courses.
Competitively, we have a dedicated Squad Coach that trains all students wanting to compete nationally and internationally. We host squad sessions at least once a month to train competitors, and all excess money raised from these sessions goes towards helping subsidise international travel costs.
Furthermore, the competitions we host provide valuable learning experiences to students. They have the opportunity to win medals in both small, medium and large sized events, mentally preparing them for even larger competitions.
Taekwon-Do Competition Opening Ceremony
Jumping Kick in Competition