Taekwon-Do Impact comprises one of the most highly qualified groups of Taekwon-Do instructors in the world, led by a 9th Degree Grand Master, two 8th Degree Masters and many 4th and 5th degrees. All of our instructors have spent thousands of hours practicing and teaching the art, and can offer a complete and insightful grounding in Taekwon-Do skill to anyone willing to learn.
Grand Master Nardizzi

Grand Master Donato Nardizzi

Founder of TKD Impact

Grand Master Donato Nardizzi founded Taekwon-Do Impact in 1996. As a 9th Degree he holds the highest rank a Taekwon-Do practitioner can receive, and has been practicing the art for over 40 years. He started practicing Taekwon-Do at the age of 17 (with his sister Esther, who herself became a world champion), and progressed to become a Grand Master by 2016.  Grand Master Nardizzi is currently the world’s youngest Grand Master.
Taekwon-Do Kids Program Logo

The Kids Program

Grand Master Nardizzi is the Chairman of the ITF Kids Program, which he designed and co-authored. This program is globally recognised within the ITF, and instructors are expected to teach their younger students according to its principles. He travels the world teaching instructors how to implement it into their lessons and the fundamentals of how to teach children and give them useful guidance toward learning fundamental Taekwon-Do and other life skills.

President of ITF England

The International Taekwon-Do Federation of England is the governing body that handles all ITF-related matters in the UK. Grand Master Nardizzi was the president of ITF England from 2011-2016. During this time he instituted by-laws and a charter, which have helped the organisation function transparently, equitably and democratically. As a result, ITF England-affiliated memberships grew over 400% in the span of 5 years, and the organisation has gained the footing it needs to embody the principles and tenets of Taekwon-Do going forward.

Chief Instructor Grand Master Nardizzi with Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch Bearer

Acknowledged for his work in the community to promote fitness well-being through Taekwon-Do, Grand Master Nardizzi was invited to carry the Olympic flame in 2012. The honour of carrying the torch is conferred on those who are deemed to be a credit to their community and personify Olympic characteristics and spirit.

Educational Ethos

The Grand Master regards his students like an extended family, and aims to teach in an open and accessible manner, so as to be a useful source of knowledge, and to provide the guidance students are seeking in order to learn and grow. He believes that Taekwon-Do is not just an after-school or leisure activity but a way of life, and as such it can provide grounding in ethical and moral culture that students can depend upon and live by. As such, he feels a responsibility to ensure his students are getting the best they can from participating in Taekwon-Do, and are able to progress not just as martial artists, but as people also.

Charitable Endeavours and Fundraising

In June 2017, the fire at Grenfell Tower in Kensington, West London tragically claimed the lives of 4 Taekwon-Do Impact students, and left another as the sole survivor when her entire family were lost in the disaster.

Grand Master Nardizzi took the initiative to raise funds to support survivors and to help towards rebuilding the shattered local community. Fundraising was begun with the hosting of a kick-athlon event, where Taekwon-Do students performed 1,000 kicks each to raise money for Grenfell. The event was widely supported throughout the ITF, and along with a JustGiving campaign and an open tournament dedicated to the survivors, the Taekwon-Do community has been able to raise over £50,000 to date.

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Master Russel Dennis

Master Russell Dennis

8th Degree

Russell Dennis has been training in Martial Arts for the majority of his life. He started Taekwon-do in 1987, which he continues to train in and develop his knowledge. He presently holds a 8th Dan black belt (Senior Master level) and is very active in the Taekwon-do community working as an International Instructor, umpire and grading examiner with the International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF). Master Dennis runs the instructors courses for Taekwon-do Impact (London and the South East), is a member of the ITF-England Discipline and Ethics committee and is also the ITF-England technical director.

From the beginning Russell Dennis was always particularly interested in the self-defence and realistic fighting side of Martial arts. He is also involved in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and runs ‘Extreme Fighters’ MMA gym in Redhill. Master Dennis has had several pro MMA fights and has several students who also compete in MMA.
Master Dennis runs Taekwon-do schools in the Cheam, Dorking and Epsom areas and teaches students from 4years old to over 50.

Master Kim Anderson

8th Degree

Master Anderson (VIII Degree) first started training in Taekwon-Do in August 1974. After achieving his 1st Degree in March 1979 and qualifying as an instructor, Master Anderson established the Colney Heath Taekwon-Do School in September 1979.

Having spent 45 years dedicated to training and teaching Taekwon-Do, Master Anderson has produced many Black belts, ranging from 1st to 5th Degree. Some of these students have competed for England at European and World Championships.

Instructor Alex Nardizzi 6th Degree

Alex Nardizzi 5th Dan

6th Degree

Alex Nardizzi is the oldest son of Grand Master Nardizzi. Alex shares his father’s enthusiasm for the martial art, beginning his training in Taekwon-do at just five years old. He has risen up the through ranks of Taekwon-Do to gain his 6th Degree, and is one of the youngest advanced black belt practitioners in the UK, having dedicated the majority of his life to training in the martial art. Alex enjoys the competitive side of the martial art and participates in international tournaments representing England; he was the European champion in power in 2009 and British Champion multiple times. Now he teaches full-time at various locations across London.

Andy Adolph

5th Degree

Mr Adolph (V Degree) first started Taekwon-Do in February 1982, training with Master Anderson at the Colney Heath Taekwon-do School. After qualifying as an Instructor and a 2nd Degree Black belt, Mr Adolph established the Bricket Wood Taekwon-Do School (March 1992). In 2005, Mr Adolph realised his dream of becoming a full-time instructor and is the Chief Instructor of the Spirit Taekwon-Do Schools.Having spent over 35 years dedicated to training and teaching Taekwon-Do, Mr Adolph has produced many Black belts, ranging from 1st to 5th Degree. Some of these students have competed for England at European and World Championships.

James Davis

4th Degree

James Davis has more than 24 years of Taekwon-Do experience, and currently a 4th Degree Blackbelt. He has been taught by the highest ranking Taekwon-Do instructors, Masters and Grand Masters in the UK.

James began his Taekwon-Do training while at University in Dundee, Scotland and achieved his 1st Degree Blackbelt under UKTF Scotland. During his time in Scotland James travelled back home to Croydon and attended classes run by Grand Master Nardizzi whenever the opportunity arose.

After a brief introduction to Taekwon-Do at a local Dundee club James found Montrose School of Taekwon-Do on the east cost of Scotland and began training there with Master McNairn 7th Degree.

James moved back near Croydon in 2005 and started attending classes with Master Dennis 7th Degree – progressed through 2nd and 3rd Degree gradings and was then very keen to start teaching.

James started Banstead Taekwon-Do School in September 2009 and has trained 10 people from White belt to Blackbelt in that time. The school runs 3 nights a week and teaches 4 – 7 year olds, 8 – 12 year olds and Teenagers and Adults.

As well as being a Taekwon-Do instructor, James also has a Phase 1 (1st Dan) instructor level in SBL Silat, which is an art with Indonesian roots. He has several years of Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, and a nameless control and restraint system and blends much of this for his students benefit in his classes.