Impact Senior Promotions

Impact Senior Promotions

Last Saturday, 30/4/19, a number of senior TKD Impact practitioners were successful in being promoted to higher Black Belt Degrees. Many congratulations to all!

Mr Andie Adolph – promoted to 6th Degree Mr Richard Sperrin – promoted to 5th Degree

Mr Jason Ogden – promoted to 4th Degree

Giacomo Trappolini – promoted to 4th Degree

To succeeed in grading to 4th Dan and above is major achievement, signifying many years of steadfast training, dedication and focus, as well as having contributed to the art through instructing, umpiring and coaching.

It is great to see so many of our most experienced instructors continuing to progress in Taekwon-Do training, alongside the growth and development opportunities they create for others through their teaching.

Andie Adolph, Master Kim Anderson and Richard Sperrin. Andie was promoted to 6th Degree, Richard to 5th.