Under 13s Yellow-Green Belt Mini-Competition, 14/3/2020

Under 13s Yellow-Green Belt Mini-Competition, 14/3/2020

Last Saturday we held our first mini competition for a while. These used to be a regular feature of the Impact Spring/summer term calendar, so it’s great to get started with them again.

Congratulations to the students who participated. Everyone rose to the challenge and did their best on the day, well done to all. (A table of the results is shown below.)

Even though for now circumstances in the wider world mean that we will have some time with everything on hold, we are looking forward to hosting mini competitions as a regular feature when things are back to normal.

The mini competitions provide the ideal step-up opportunity for new/young Taekwon-Do students to get some experience of competing at an accessible and lower-pressure level, to help them prepare for engaging in the sport aspect of our martial art.

Competing is a vital aspect of training, to gain the necessary experience of performing under pressure, and gain a more real sense of how to actually respond and defend oneself in a real situation. It is vitally important that this happens in a way that is fun and supportive of the challenges involved. The small scale/club level environs of a mini competition provides this where students can experience getting a bit more tested whilst in the familiar environment of the Croydon TKD Centre and in the milieu of the friends and family they are used to training with.

It is also an opportunity for Red belts-junior Black Belts to get the practical experience of officiating and refereeing necessary for them to be prepared to undertake these duties competently at regional and national events.