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Impact Squad

Squad Session

Does your child want to be a future Taekwon-Do champion?

If the answer is yes then we can help. The impact Junior Squad Sessions will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to give your child the best chance of being a future Taekwon-Do champion.

How long do the session last and how often will they be?

The squad sessions will be 2 hour sessions and will cost £9. They will run every 6-8weeks and are open to all colour belt juniors aged under 13. For older children and black belts we already have senior squad session they can attend.

My child already trains in the regular classes. Isn't this enough?

Sometimes we do not have time to focus on all aspects of competitions in detail in class as we need to teach the students the basics of Taekwon-Do and prepare them for gradings.

In the squad sessions the students will not only learn useful training drills, they will also gain detailed knowledge about competition rules, coaching tactics and how to referee. This knowledge will help them understand what is going on outside the competitor’s perspective which will give them an advantage.

Your child will be given a fitness programme with targets they will need to work towards. The programme will help develop their strength, stamina and flexibility. The targets will be specific to each individual child so it does not matter what level of fitness your child has at the beginning.

Your child will be taught how to think and behave like a champion. We will teach the correct etiquette so they show good sportsmanship whenever they train or compete. We will promote attitudes which will encourage them to be self-motivated and have a positive mental attitude.

Will my child receive any awards for attending these sessions?

Yes, we do have an award scheme which includes badges for various levels of attainment. They will receive an Impact Junior a Squad badge once they have attended a set number of sessions. We also have a Gold, Silver and Bronze Award badge for reaching progressive levels of attainment. There will also added awards and rewards for various other attainments such as a special t-shirt for medal winners.

Who will be running the sessions?

The Impact Junior Head coach is Jason Ogden 2nd degree who has had plenty of experience coaching in top international competitions. Other black belt coaches will also assist in the squad sessions.

Open to junior colourbelts aged under 13. Cost £9, payable at the door.